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Pastured Pork (March)

Pastured Pork (March)

Pastured pigs for butcher date TBD in March 2024, raised fully outdoors with lots of room to root and roam. Slow grown and fed our own milled feed with organic minerals, garden veggies, pasture grass and hay for a great tasting pork without that unpleasant "barn" flavour, as well as providing a more healthy, nutrient dense end product. 


Price is $3.50/lb take home + butcher fees, approximate estimated weight = 160-180 for a whole pig. Cuts and butchering instructions fully customizable (we use Benji's Custom Meats), option to source your own butchering as well, contact us to arrange if that is your preferred option.


Deposit required to reserve, contact us with any questions.

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